WhAT IS the biomagnetic pair (bmp)?

The Biomagnetic Pair is a therapeutic technique developed more than 29 years ago by Mexican doctor. Issac Goiz Duran.

This technique focuses on re establishing and maintaining health,preventing pathological conditions,facilitating the process of rehabilitation and complementing other medical treatments.

The BMP technique consists of placing magnets,in sets of pairs,on different specific areas of the body.

It can be utilized before ( Prevention ) .meanwhile ( during treatment ) , or after ( rehabilitation ) of certain disease,without altering prescriptions or medical treatments . 

What are the benefits of the BMP?

The Biomagnetic Pair technique promotes the following benefits in the organism:

An adequate state of energy,

It improves your immune response.

Helps all your organs and glands work properly.

Help repair tissue.


It diminishes side effects coming from stress.

Corrects metabolic activation.

Reduces symptoms like pain,inflammation,and soreness .

An adequate vascular tension and blood flow.

Ir diminishes side effects from the conventional treatments.. 

what diseases can be revised with the bmp techinque?

The Biomagnetic Par can offer wellness and a better quality of life in practically all diseases.

These are some examples:

Infectious diseases ( respiratory illnesses ,gastrointestinal, etc )

Chronic and degenerative diseases ( Ex Diabetes. hypertension. Coronary ailments,etc )

Metabolic diseases like Hypothyroidism and Obesity.

Dysfunctional diseases like irritable bowel syndrome,erectile dysfunction. etc.

Autoimmune diseases like systemic Lupus. Psoriasis . Rheumatism. etc.

Psycho-emotional ailments like depression,anxieties,attention deficit disorder,etc.

intoxication by heavy metals. animal bites. etc.

What does the BMP techinque consists of ?

The Biomagnetic pair consists on scanning different and specific points in the body by placing magnets in those areas for specific periods of time ( 15 - 30 min ) and thus balancing the organism's bio-electric and biomagnetic fields.

A normal scanning of the body consists of about one hour as the patient is laying down facing upwards.

Using Kinesiology ( muscle testing) we can determinate where your body needs help.

what normal side effect can i feel?

1 in 50 cases, in a lapse of 24 to 48 hours after applying magnets,normal symptoms as a result of the detoxification process can occur .

They can be:



More production of urine.


Muscular pain

Lack of appetite and sleep



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